HH Converter

HH Converter is a tool which converts the hand histories of Boss Media Pokerclients into PartyPoker format.
This allows for import into Poker Tracker, Poker Office, Holdem Manager and similar tools. GameTime+ can be used together with Poker Tracker.
All (International Poker Network) Boss Media sites should be supported, as well as Svenska Spel and possibly other independent sites.

Poker Tracker has support for Boss Media now, why should I use HH Converter?

Due to the numerous errors in the Boss Media HH's, PT will not import every hand. In fact as many as 30% of older HH's will not be imported. New HH's has less errors, but still HHC does convert some hands that PT cannot Import. HH Converter tries to fix the erroneous HH's while converting them. Roughly 99%+ of hands can be converted and all of these can be imported to PT without errors. The process of fixing the bad HH's can result in a slightly different result than the actual play, however the increased number of imported hands more than compensates for this. The Party format is also accepted by other tools that does not support the Boss Media format natively.


I originally created HHC in 2006, when Boss Media still used text-HH's and no tools supported them. In 2007, it became clear that the transition to xml did not actually fix any of the errors also found in the old HH's. This motivated me to continue the development, adding new features and support for more hands. Today, Boss and PT are catching up, but there is still a need for HHC and I will try to maintain it as long as it's needed.


As of today, 2011, most tools do support Boss Media histories. Still there are some who don't, and some people still uses HHC. Therefore I decided to update the program when I was notified that the hand history format was changed, some times during spring 2011.

Latest News

2011-05-15 version 2.60 released. Download

2009-06-21 version 2.51 released. Download

HH Converter is donation-ware. It means you can download it for free and use it as much as you want.
If you find it useful and use it regulary, you can donate a small sum to allow me to continue supporting and developing it.

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